Welcome to Linden Town

Welcome to Linden Town

Meet Baby Tom and his family and friends.

Baby Tom and Zero

Baby Tom and Zero

Baby Tom loves to daydream and explore the world. His enormous curiosity drives him to discover all “things new”, because for Baby Tom, all things are new.

Keeping track of Baby Tom is quite tricky, so it’s lucky the artful Zero is never too far away. They make a mischievous duo – taking every opportunity to venture into their fabulously exciting future.


Ace and ScoutScout and Ace

Scout is Baby Tom’s older sister. Scout adores going to Kindy-School and making new friends, although following the teacher is sometimes difficult. Scout sometimes feels a bit confused by Rules, and thinks her way of doing things might be good too!

Scout loves learning to read and teaching Baby Tom. They often make a great team working out their new adventures. She is feeling happy meeting new friends including Ace and the children in Harmony Avenue.

Ace is a calm and quiet achiever and only speaks when he must. He lives with his grandfather Hugo Gray. After travelling the world together they moved to Linden so Ace could attend school. Their log home is deep in the lush forests of Linden.

Grandfather Hugo Gray

Ace and his grandfather prefer the natural serenity of the bush to the hustle and bustle of Linden’s highways. Although he started school later than other children, Ace is a clever boy and uses his knowledge of foreign lands and awareness of the natural world when he can.

Capella And HenryHenry and Capella

Henry is Baby Tom and Scout’s father. Henry is an architect who loves to design for Future Generations including stuff in Linden town. His work keeps him busy in his home office – sometimes very busy. Nanna Rosa often tells him that he works too hard, but his work is his passion and his passion is his work.

Capella is an astronaut, a scientist and the loving mother of Baby Tom and Scout. Capella grew up in a vineyard and lavender farm. She comes from a very large family. She always dreamt about visiting the stars since she was a little girl, and is named after the sixth brightest star in the sky.

Capella now travels into space every year for scientific research on the Linden Space Station. There she undertakes a lot of scientific experiments. Capella always calls in home via satellite to say good night to her family.

Baby Tom and Scout always gaze into the night sky knowing that their Mother is watching over them and will soon be on her way home.

Henry and Capella met at the Linden Star Observatory while Henry was searching for inspiration from the night sky for his life and his work. Henry and Capella have a strong bond which sparkles above them like an eternal star. He often visits the observatory to help clear his mind and aid the flow of ideas, especially when the Linden household becomes too noisy.

Nanna Rosa And Papa PepinNanna Rosa, Papa Pepin Ambiguity the Cat

Nanna Rosa and Papa Pepin are Capella’s parents and the grandparents of Scout and Baby Tom.

Nanna Rosa enjoys gardening and cooking her special award winning “Harvest Moon Pie” (and sometimes she makes Papa Pepin’s favourite Cornish pasties) when it’s time for the World Farmer’s Festival. Not only is Nanna Rosa a superb cook, but she holds the Linden Club Kart racing track record, which is also a national record! Every year Linden Town holds the national Kart Races, but Nanna Rosa is still unbeatable. Her love for fast vehicles has always been a bit of family fun. But they soon learn never to underestimate Nanna Rosa’s keen reflexes, especially looking after Baby Tom and Scout.

Papa Pepin is very funny and very wise. He lives in a seaside home called The Farm, where fields of lavender and a rare variety of grapes grow. Papa Pepin’s divine moggy cat Ambiguity sits upon his shoulder, and they are inseparable. Papa Pepin holds strong opinions and values. He is a great believer in Tradition and History. He and his son-in-law Henry have many interesting conversations.

Papa Pepin enjoys spending time “down in the Shed” carving figurines from driftwood washed up on the seaside. His favourite time of year is winter, when Baby Tom and his family come to stay for their frosty winter holidays.
Ambiguity is very clever cat, but also very secretive. She knows how attractive she is, and realises she has a rather marvellous personality too…. for a moggy cat.

Ambiguity clearly disapproves of all other animals. Her favourite place, when not with Papa Pepin, is frolicking among the lavender, sneaking about the farm and hiding with Baby Tom in secret places. She adores playing with Zero and the children when they visit The Farm.