About the Author – Jennifer Scott Mitchell

Jennifer Scott Mitchell has over 25 years experience in publishing and the film television industries.

Jennifer was a film editor, sound designer, and post production supervisor for 15 years, and then graduated from post production to project development and management after her children were born.

Her IP commercialisation company Fine Idea develops television programs theatrical features and family board games. Her first successful leading edge publishing enterprise was The Books for Parents and Children with Felissimo Corporation (Kobe) and The Future Generations Foundation (Kyoto) where she employed an innovative Australian team of science graduates, PhD’s and philosophers to create 600 educational activities from 105 themes for Japanese children aged 3 to 14 years.

The holistic approaches to these engaging activities were based on History, the Sciences, Culture, Space and the Built and Natural Environments. They were designed to encourage children to explore how our world is interconnected. Jennifer is also writing and developing a romantic comedy for television and a cinematic epic set in 9th century Europe.

Her views and values are based on Future Generation’s Philosophy – that all species share a global consciousness. She has a strong interest in 9th and 19th century European history, in the philosophy of education and in early 20th Century music.

Jennifer collects antique prints and also loves playing board games, card games and travelling with her family.

Jennifer is the Founder of Wild Orange Publishing, established to bring creative and engaging stories to children and adults alike.