About Baby Tom Books

Teaching children how to play safely.

Baby Tom Books are designed to help children enjoy learning Life Skills. They reaffirm a child’s need to explore the world around them, while also helping them become aware of its dangers.

In a very busy and very fast moving world, the series of stories featuring Baby Tom and his family and friends will help children learn important life skills which we so often take for granted. If we help our children become alert as to where all the little dangers are, they may not become big catastrophes, which will also helps them to learn to look out for themselves.

Baby Tom and his family live on Harmony Avenue near the Hi Hey Highway, down the road from the Song family. Baby Tom is always following his very curious nature, and doesn’t understand that it can be a dangerous world out there!

The Baby Tom series offers entertaining insights that engage young children on how to play safely when potentially dangerous situations loom near.

The first two books, for 12 months to 7 year olds – Baby Tom Can’t Run and Baby Tom is on The Driveway – address the dangers of playing near busy roads and on driveways. In these stories Baby Tom, his sister Scout and their puppy Zero, learn important Road Rules and being safe when they cross busy roads.