Teaching children how to play safely in a very busy and fast moving world.

Baby Tom and his family live in the town of Linden on Harmony Avenue, near the Hi Hey Highway.

These stories follow the children at pivotal turning points in their lives – when Baby Tom suddenly disappears… when Scout ran so fast she runs onto a busy road… when Baby Tom was so clever realising playing behind cars was really dangerous. 

As Baby Tom and his sister Scout are always naturally curious, they often don’t realise the dangers that sometimes occur in their homes and neighbourhood.

Baby Tom’s adventures offer entertaining insights that engage young children helping them learn how to play safely in potentially risky situations and skills to explore their world safely. They assist young children develop new skills, building their confidence and their courage as they become gently aware of the wider world.

Baby Tom Books

Baby Tom is on the Driveway

Baby Tom is on the Driveway

Baby Tom and Scout soon learns that the driveway can be a dangerous place to play.

Baby Tom Can't Run

Baby Tom Can’t Run

Baby Tom has hurt his foot, but he still follows his sister Scout close to fast moving traffic.